Social media marketing is helping businesses: Pepsodent Scenario 2018

Companies and businesses from all over the globe look forward to social media for marketing. Particularly, small businesses hope that social media can bring in some more sales for them and provide a strong recognition to the brand. Dina Bechman is an artist and she sells her artwork through Five Monkeys which is a small business owned by her. She claims that gaining total command over social media can be a little too much to ask.

The notable part is that she was a part of training session arranged by social media giants in Des Moines, from where she runs her business, named Facebook Community Boost.

Facebook has also stated that they will be partners for DMACC and will play critical role in the development of a new Digital Marketing Certificate course. Sheryl Sandberg, representative of the social media tycoon said at US Mayors Conference in Boston that they aim to train more than a million individuals and small business holders throughout the country till 2020.

Similarly there is a story about Pepsodent with social media followers:

Pepsodent signs with Baaash for digital marketing and social media solutions


Creativeland Asia Group is an organization that owns and runs many businesses and brands. One of their departments, responsible for social media solutions and digital marketing, known as the Baaash Digital has been assigned the duties by Pepsodent, which is an oral care brand, to look after their social accounts and online marketing.

Upon the signing of agreement Swati Sharma from Pepsodent India, didn’t hesitated to express joy and happiness. The company was relieved to hand over the duties to Baaash Digital hoping that they would engage the audience and help in spreading the brand.

On the other hand, a very happy CEO of Baaash Digital, Ankush Sohoni, was also aiming high. He mentioned that the oral care industry has been to the new heights recently and the competition and fact that it is highly lucrative makes the job relatively tough. Nevertheless, they were hoping for some memorable campaigns.

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